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Todos Santos February 2011

By Vickie Butler

Plan to spend a magical evening under the stars enjoying The Wizard of Oz with a Todos Twist held on February 4,5,11,12 and 18! Tickets can be purchased at Tecolote Bookstore, La Bodega de Todos Santos or Luna Azul. For information, contact bluemooninbaja@yahoo.com.

The Wizard Visits Todos Santos! Currently, an additional bit of magic is being sprinkled over the Pueblo Magico of TodosSantos as 40+ community members, ranging in age from nine to seventy-nine, busilyprepare for the upcoming February production of The Wizard of Oz with a TodosTwist! Acting, dancing, singing, painting, building, sewing, molding and laughing—together and individually—these dedicated artists are contributing their vast talents anddiverse experiences for the musical to be held on the new Luna Azul Stage. Surroundedby elegant arches and beautiful decades-old palms, Luna Azul is the long-time dream of director/producer/actress Isabel Smyth and contractor/musician, Raul Cavazos. “We’vealways wanted to create a venue for actors and musicians, and now with Luna Azul,Todos Santos will have a performing arts component for its growing reputation as anartist colony,” enthused Smyth.
The Wizard of Oz with a Todos Twist promises to be a fun-filled fantasy with manyfamiliar scenes from the original 1939 movie including Munchkinland, Emerald City andthe Witch’s Castle; however, there is one notable exception: Dorothy, played by veteranactress Roxanne Rosenblatt, is a fifty-nine year old expat who has recently moved toTodos Santos in an RV! Joining her in the on-stage adventures are Serendipity B & Bowner Sharon Morris as Lion, Photographer Vic Kirby as Tin Man, Director Isabel Smythas Scarecrow and former radio/TV announcer Peter Jackson as The Wizard. With theinspired casting of Anita Harris as the Good Witch and Donna Schultz as the WickedWitch, The Wizard of Oz with a Todos Twist definitely will be comedic, full ofsurprises and maybe even a little scary! The cast is rounded off with Silvio Garcia Baumplaying Todos the Dog and members of the energetic, colorful chorus enacting the rolesof Munchkins, Town Folk, Winkies and Winged Monkeys.

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Mexico’s Health Care: First-Rate, and at Bargain Prices

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By Glynna Prentice

Reprinted with permission from www.BuildinginBaja.com

Recently I had an eye problem and went to see an ophthalmologist in Mérida. The doctor’s office was bright, immaculate, and had the same equipment I was used to in the States (as well as a couple of specialized, high-tech machines that aren’t routine equipment). A very efficient, white-uniformed nurse gave me a preliminary check-up. The doctor himself—who spoke English–then spent about half an hour checking my eyes and giving me prescriptions and a treatment plan.
The doctor’s visit cost me 500 pesos, which these days is about $40. And I spent another $30 or so on eye-drop medications he prescribed. The entire cost was less than a doctor’s visit would have run in the U.S. Just a couple of weeks ago, I heard a Mexican doctor, Dr. Luis Suárez, talk about the high quality and low cost of Mexico’s health care at International Living’s Live and Invest in Mexico conference in Tulúm. But I have to admit, there’s nothing like experiencing Mexico’s health care firsthand to make you a believer…Dr. Suárez—young, energetic, fluent in English and with a modern, integrative medical practice—is a good example of the top-notch doctors you can find across Mexico. And like Dr. Suárez and my ophthalmologist, my dentist, too, is up-to-date and English-speaking.In mid-sized and large cities you can usually find numerous clinics, hospitals, and physicians in private practice where the quality of care is similar to (or even better than) what you’d find in your home city in the U.S. or Canada. Most major expat destinations in Mexico have at least two top-notch hospitals. In fact, a place often becomes an expat haven in part because good health care is available there. Mérida, for instance, has the Star Médica Hospital and the Clínica de Mérida, among other options. Puerto Vallarta’s private hospitals include the CMQ, Amerimed and the Cornerstone Hospital. In addition to its local clinics, the Lake Chapala area has easy access to hospitals in Guadalajara—Mexico’s second-largest city and a medical-care hub. And the list goes on and on…. When I’m scouting out a destination I always check on the health care there. Fortunately, I find that the list of good hospitals, clinics—and medical staff to run them—is getting longer all the time.

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Beware Airline Surfboard Bag Fees

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Designed by Nick Notara, this carbon fibre collapsible surfboard breaks into two pieces for easier transportation and storage.Before you decide to take that killer cheap flight to Cabo (SJD) or La Paz (LAP), be sure to confirm their baggage fee policy in advance, especially if you are bringing surfboards. Some airlines even count the boards individually even if they are in the same bag. If you bring 3 boards, it could set you back $1200 if you’re not careful!!! It’s cheaper to rent, leave a board in Baja or try to sneak on a bi-sect.

According to wavehunters.com, the following embargoes are in effect:

Depending on the time of year, some airlines won’t even take your surfboard — for any excess baggage charge. See the list below, and ask any airline, especially if you’re booking during peak travel times.

Excess baggage (including surfboards) is NOT accepted from June 3 through August 31 to the following cities: Guayaquil, Ecuador (GYE), Quito, Ecuador (UIO), San Salvador, El Salvador (SAL), Guadalajara, Mexico (GDL), Leon, Mexico (BJX), Zacatecas, Mexico (ZCL). Also, no bag over 50 lbs or 62 linear inches will be accepted for travel during the period.

Surfboards and Wakeboards will not be accepted during an excess baggage embargo when no excess baggage is allowed (0 pieces). Exception: Surfboards and Wakeboards will be accepted to Costa Rica during an embargo period. Continental does not accept excess baggage in the following YEAR ROUND embargoed markets: Caracas, Venezuela (CCS); Houston, Texas to Bogota, Colombia (BOG) Lima, Peru (LIM) San Salvador, El Salvador (SAL) Santiago, Dominican Republic (STI) Tortola, British Virgin Islands (EIS)

Continental Seasonal Embargos by City: www.continental.com/travel/policies/baggage/embargo.asp

Travel to Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador

The checked baggage policy for travel from (and via) Los Angeles to Costa Rica and Guatemala effective February 18, 2005, is as follows: During the peak summer travel period of May 28-September 6, and the peak winter travel period of December 4, 2005-January 6, 2006, customers are limited to the number and size of their checked baggage. The following guidelines apply to all customers: Maximum linear dimensions: 62 linear inches/157cm (length + width + height) each. No oversize, overweight or extra bags will be accepted. (= NO SURFBOARDS) Only one box is permitted as part of a customer’s free allowance; it must be the original manufacturer’s box containing the original item.


Aero Mexico

One-way per board, maximum length 9ft


The board can be included as a standard checked bag, but checked baggage fees apply (starting at $15). Maximum length is 9 feet.
American Airlines
One-way per bag under 50 lbs. One board per person. Max weight and size: 70 lbs, 126 inches.
One bag with a max of 4 boards; 1 board = $100, 3 = $400, 4 = $700 (ouch!). Excess baggage fees may apply and it’s gotta be be under 115″.
One-way per board. If it’s over 70 lbs, you have to pay extra. To/from Brazil is $100, and Hawaii inter-island is $20.
Interjet (Mexico)
Max weight is 55 lbs per passenger. Any excess baggage will have a fee of $50.00 pesos plus TAX for each additional pound.
Jet Blue*
One-way. One board per bag. *No surfboards allowed on flights to Santo Domingo or Santiago.
$100 One-way per board. Remove your fins.
$100+ North America: $100 each way per surfboard, South America: $200 each way per surfboard. Fee is per board. Price ranges depending on destination. Two board max per case. Max of 50 lbs. & 109″
Virgin Atlantic
Free, limit one per customer. Must not exceed 277cm and must not exceed 23Kg in weight.

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Help Preserve Todos Santos

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Please join our effort to preserve the environmental treasure which is Todos Santos, by signing this petition. We’ve slowed down if not stopped the pit gold mine that would have destroyed the local water. 2 minutes of your time could have a huge impact in an election year!


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