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Courtesy of Wendy Rains, editor of Building in Baja

Invernadero for Turtle Egg Incubation

The following important items are needed in order for our local sea turtle conservation group, Tortugueros Las Playitas, to build this year´s incubation greenhouse.  Please help if you can. We need:

  • Building materials (pvc, wood, screws)
  • Greenhouse quality plastic
  • Gasoline
  • ATV maintenance assistance (new tires, oil, etc)
  • A much needed GPS

Tortugueros Las Playitas builds a turtle greenhouse every year to incubate the precious Leatherback eggs of Todos Santos.  Without the greenhouse, the eggs wouldn’t develop in this region due to low sand temperatures during Leatherback nesting.

The greenhouse is built with PVC, wood, and greenhouse quality plastic.  It elevates the temperature up to six degrees and has proven to produce viable hatchlings similar to those who hatch in warmer climates.

Dedicated Locals

Volunteers patrol the beaches October through April, searching for the giant leatherback nests, and when one is found, it is relocated into the greenhouse.

Incubation takes anywhere from 70 to 90 days depending on the temperature.  Constant supervision of the greenhouse is necessary because when a hatchling emerges, it can only survive in the hot air a few minutes.

Luckily for the group, the greenhouse is located on Quirino Cota’s beachfront ranch, where he and his dedicated family supervise the hatchlings round the clock during incubation.

Build your Baja Karma and help this group save the critically endangered Leatherback from extinction! Donations can be made to the Todos Tortugueros.

Todos Santos Community Working Together

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